CodySafe Preston Gralla, a famous blogger and writer has posted a review in PC World.
"The beauty of this approach is that you can plug your USB drive into any computer, and never actually have to store data on the computer or use the computer’s resources. With CodySafe, everything can be done from the USB drive itself."
We highly appreciate Preston’s professional review and hope that users holding at least one USB flash drive will follow his recommendations to manage and to launch apps with CodySafe, the best portable applications launcher. You are welcome to download CodySafe. It is free!
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We are really proud that our pilot free software product has attract so much interest. We are very thankful that you got so deeply involved in showing us the right way of developing the stuff. Your enthusiasm in posting reviews, ranking the Freeraser and reporting bugs really matters to us. It naturally does!
In your emails some of you have offered a translation of the software into local languages. At the very start of the project we did not think of it as a big and commercial thing. But now we see it in a different light. We are not saying it will become commercial (well, at least for now), but we will definitely make it more attractive and universal.
We will:
  • Implement a Multilingual support
  • Improve the performance to make it faster
  • Introduce some other changes suggested by you, e.g. the notification before destruction, and more

Needless to say, you will like the Freeraser even more after the brush-up.
We can't but mention the resources which helped us to get this high recognition so quickly:

Narrow Street by Gsyka
Portable freeware collection
"Domashny PK" magazine

We appreciate what you do for us! Thank you all!

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