thunderstormAbout ten days ago the computer world was firs hit by the cloud. HP and Microsoft Team Up… to spend $250 million over three years in a partnership to deliver cloud computing products and services to businesses…  Wow! Cool! The cloud rules! Giants pool their efforts!

 But wait! Here is another announcement coming - IBM Strikes Major Cloud Deal With Panasonic. The deal initially covers 100,000 Panasonic employees, and will eventually expand to include more than 300,000 workers, partners and suppliers.

That’s really a thunder from a cloud! Panasonic uses IBM’s cloud solution NOW! They are not developing solution to employ in 3 years, but already use. “IBM launched the suite a year ago, and now counts more than 18 million users. Prices start at $3 per user, per month.”

I hope you understand what it means for all of us. That means that cloud is already here. That means that cloud computing becomes a standard on-the-shelf solution. And even more of that – it became reliable and stable enough to be employed by Panasonic. This deal announces the beginning of a new age – the era of cloud.
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