We are a lucky generation. We have witnessed a lot of revolutionary changes. We have seen a bursting growth of emperies and crashes of ideas.

The most dynamically developing sphere of knowledge - the computer science - has a short performance history. But it has been dramatically and spectacularly shifting, leaving behind ruined shacks and raising castles.

It is a matter of historical fact that companies which followed or even anticipated the vector of the shifting technologies could succeed in the chase after the fortune. Those companies that were keeping the conservative direction did not survive long. But those who managed to foresee the shift could successfully move forward ahead of the competition. I am writing this because we have a strong feeling and belief that we are extremely close to another paradigm shift. We have noticed it long ago and adjusted our roadmap correspondingly.

Let me explain the last statement. When looking back on the most significant switches in concepts, approaches and technologies of the recent two decades we see a stairway.

It was pretty long for the computer science, but pretty short in terms of global evolution, when computers were big, the memory was short, commands were translated to the machine code before they could be executed, which could be done only by scientists with glasses and magicians with punched cards. All these kept the aura of magic around computers.

The first significant shift of paradigm in the computer technologies occurred with the birth of PC. It was a revolution, when computer moved from a huge computer rooms and shelters to a user home.  Computer became personal. Users got an opportunity to try this programming voodoo.

The next shift happened pretty soon after the first one. It was caused by the appearance of Graphic User Interface for simple operation of computers. The need to be a programmer in order to talk to this mighty box vanished. From this very moment the computer becomes a need and a must in every home. It becomes a consumer good. Stalin’s thesis “a kitchener can rule a country” turns to Gate’s “a housewife can operate a PC” (as we see the history is ironically stingy for good slogans that can fit such revolutionary changes).

The next shift was caused by a wide spread of the Internet. You can argue that computers networks were used long before internet turned a necessity. I say – yes, but the shift of paradigm occurred only when virtually every PC got the ability to be connected to the global network. It was not only for the connecting to the network. It was more the ability of “browsing”, availability of the GUI application that allowed housewife to find there in the web a cuisine recipe and a fashion pattern.

Appearance of mobile and portable technologies and portable applications can be also considered as a paradigm shift to some extent. This comparatively small change from a wired network to a wireless one contributed a lot to the liberation of human beings from the overwhelming environment on the one hand, and chaining him to a global net from on the other one. Now the humans are never alone, they have been trapped into the web.

Paradigm Shifts

What’s next? All of us have noticed the trend that appeared lately, the cloud computing and remote storage. Is it a paradigm shift? We believe it is.

You and us, normal users and geeks, we all benefit from these extremely fast changes. And we are also proud to take a part in these changes, not just by observing and consuming them, but also by influencing and developing.

Our concept integrates and combines unbounded capabilities and resources of the worldwide web with availability, convenience and wide recognition of portable drives and applications. Do we follow the coming paradigm shift? Yes! Not just follow, but foresee. We have gone a long way to this road split. That’s the checkpoint. During the coming year we all will notice more and more services switching to the web. And all of them will need an anchor being laid in the ground, yet remaining portable. We are going to provide this solution. Will you take a part?

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