That’s a new word. What does it mean?

That means “the freedom of portability”, the real concept of a portable application. That means independence. That means convenience and ease of use. That is a call to developers to adopt the technology and that is the appeal to users to use it.

We do not register a trademark, copyright or whatever. It is just a word and you are welcome to use it. Use it as wide as possible. Journalists and bloggers are welcome to use it. Let people feel the need of it. Let them understand benefits of portability. Let them realize that portability and liberty are close relatives. And one can become free having turned portable.

Let’s try to make it a new word with a new sense. Let’s make a flashmob in the Twitter. Are you in?

It is easy! Write #portaliberty and three words you associate with it in the Twitter. Or just place a link to this article.  Or just retweet.

We’ll make the world a better place together. Let there be more freedom! Let there be more portable applications and portable drives! Let there be more portability!

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