Freeraser is here!

Hi folks!

We are happy to introduce our first software product - the Freeraser.
The product has been placed on various freeware and shareware web sites and you are welcome to download it straight away.
It is free and easy-to-use, it is useful and practical. I personally think, it's a must have. The Freeraser destroys anything you tell it to destroy - any data in your laptop or desktop. And it does this without a trace, leaving no chance to the "third parties" for recovering the information, even using powerful recovery tools. The Freeraser fills the deleting material with random data and erases it for good.
Should you wish to share you views on the Freeraser, please do not hesitate to drop us a line in Comments.
What we also would like to know is - what kind of new software products you would be interested in and/or are looking for on the net.
Do not keep your needs to yourselves, tell us. We can bring them to you.
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