Happy Valentine's

Valentines Day Skin
Do not let the coming Valentine's Day be one of the least romantic days of the year as it used to be last time. Yes you heard me correctly. The majority of men act like robots, purchasing flowers and chocolate for their sweethearts because that is what everyone else is doing. Most of people celebrate the day out of obligation rather than celebration.

That's the time to break through this vicious circle. That's the time to express your feelings and to tell your sweetheart about your real love.

Hey men, let her sense your love not only on the February 14, but all the year long. And you, pretty ladies, why won't you let him feel the same in a most creative way you can?
Here is a way to celebrate Valentine's Day a bit more romantically and creatively. Just send your beloved one a new theme for the best portable applications launcher, CodySafe designed especially for this occasion. Your darling did not install CodySafe launcher on a flash drive yet? Just make a little gift - install CodySafe menu with Valentines Theme on her USB drive. That's a sweet present, isn't it?
And of course don't forget to send your sweet a box of selected chocolates

Happy New Year!


Downloads are back

All downloads are back, now in test mode. You are welcome to download all you need from our portable applications section and please let us know if you notice a broken link or if download is too slow. Download  Portable Applications to launch them with CodySafe.

Kindly send us your report if you experience some problem downloading files or accessing the pages.
Thank you in advance.

Sincerest apologies :(

Thumbs-DownDear friends!
Here come problems again...

We have really counted on the Dropbox… but they withstood only for two weeks... Due to immeasurable interest to our products and due to extremely intensive traffic the Dropbox has dropped us down. We are so sorry for the inconvenience.

Hope this is a temporary problem. We are working to find a suitable solution and believe that all links of our website will be back soon.
Meanwhile, those who are interested may download our core applications from the CNet mirrors:

Unfortunately our portable applications are not available at the moment. Please accept our apologies. We are doing all possible and beyond to solve this problem. Stay tuned!
We will highly appreciate if you can advice a reliable file sharing or storage service for realistic fee with high traffic capabilities. Please leave your comments here, write in the Forum or send your recommendations over the e-mail. Thank you in advance!

We are back... With Dropbox

dropbox_logoDear friends,

Some of you could notice that instead of normal content of our website the frustrating note “Account suspended!” appeared. Yes, the hosting provider decided that our portable apps launcher is too popular and the website attracts too many users. They also assumed that portable applications consume too much traffic. Therefore they refused to continue services. It is quite reasonable that promised “unlimited” traffic appears to be slightly limited when one really needs to satisfy the demand for portable applications and portable apps launcher. That could be annoying, but from the second view it strictly demonstrates how popular our website is. When a bootstrapping start-up is selecting a hosting for its website the price is one of most defining selective criterions. Low-cost hosting turns a glitch when popularity of your resource grows.

We were forced to look for solution to store portable applications that will not overflow the traffic capabilities of the hosting and from the other side will not cause delay. Thanks to the Dropbox we are able to continue operating without spending a fortune for the hosting. Dropbox provides 2Gb of free space, direct links, downloads resuming and a lot of other features and advantages. We beleive it is quite enough to keep all our portable applications and suites and to store all versions of CodySafe portable apps launcher.

From now on, all the resources-consuming primary downloads will run through the Dropbox. We hope that you will feel no difference and no inconvenience, delay or failure. Our tests demonstrated that the download runs even faster than it was before.

We have transferred all download files and checked the links. But there is always a space for errors when you move such a big volume of data in such a short time. We will be grateful if you try to download our portable applications suite or portable applications menu and  report broken links or failures that you stumble upon while browsing through our website.

Thank you in advance and sorry for inconvenience.

Merry Christmas!

Cristmas_logoDear Friends,
Christmas is just around the corner and it is the time for us to thank you all for your support and attention through 2009.
This year was challenging for our team, but we have done a lot. We have launched several products. We have improved CodySafe and it really became a famous portable applications launcher.
You, our friends supported us and helped us to make our products even better.  You translated them to more than 20 languages, you have found bugs and you have sent us your suggestions and recommendations. We are grateful for your support and we will continue doing our best to deliver best products.

May the coming year 2010 will be even more prosperous and successful!

We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas.
We wish you a merry Christmas, and a happy new year!!!

Themes and Christmas

Themes are here! This is an important announcement for all users who were not quite satisfied with the appearance of CodySafe in Windows XP and for those who were interested in changing skins.

We have applied deep changes to the structure of the CodySafe GUI to allow changing themes. The new feature allows changing background images and icons. Users running CodySafe under Windows XP can now modify the color scheme, changing colors of background and text of the CodySafe. Please feel free to try this new feature. Deep explanation of the process can be found in the user manual and in the Forum.

Here we would like to give a short description and to offer you an example of changing to the Christmas theme.

  1. Please ensure that you have the latest version installed on your drive. You can open Control Panel and click the “Check for Updates” link in the left pane. Download and install the latest version if necessary.
  2. Download the Christmas Theme installation file and run the installer
  3. In the CodySafe Control Panel click on Themes, Select the desired theme and click OK. If you operate CodySafe under Windows XP we recommend also changing colors for background and text (will not influence the appearance in Windows Vista and Windows 7)
  4. Enjoy
  5. If you want to change theme or to make a theme of your own you are welcome to visit the Forum for detailed instructions
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