We killed the bug, you’d kill IE6

I-trash-IE6 - image by strk3 We have found out that some of computers are still equipped with IE6 and this minor fact was the cause of a big havoc. Yes, the incompatibility of novel software and retro technologies caused crashes.
The new version is available. It will not crash like the previous one. We believe that it will operate flawlessly even on older computers and even on those with IE6.

Anyway, we’ve fixed the bug and you can use our program. Enjoy!

New version released!

We can see your amazed faces and clearly read your questions: Why did we decide to post a news article on that minor change of known portable apps menu. Not only to tweet but also to devote an article? What makes this version so important?
Yes, it is just another version of the same CodySafe, the best portable applications launcher. But it makes another important step in the development and incorporates some new and really important features.
First of all it is the first version that automatically checks for updates. Many of our customers have asked for it. When your version becomes outdated, CodySafe will prompt you for updates. You may skip it or install it. We believe that the update reminder will not be annoying and you will always enjoy the latest version of CodySafe portable applications menu.
The process of the version check will run in the background.  Some paranoiac firewall or antivirus can start shouting and alarming you that CodySafe wants to access the internet. Just allow this access, it is necessary for the correct operation of the best porable applications launcher.
Another new feature that was also required by our customers and we hope will be useful to all of you. It is the ability to drag CodySafe applications menu work pane to any place on the screen. It was stacked to the lower right corner before. Now you can place it anywhere you like and launch portable apps from any point of your desktop. Handy, isn't it?


CommPack - all you need to communicateAnother suit of portable applications was released today.
This kit includes popular communication applications like Miranda, Skype Portable Launcher and Zoiper, all those that are frequently used for instant messaging or Voice over IP calling. We have compiled this pack and made some of applications portable to allow you carrying them wherever you go. Launching Skype or Miranda directly from your flash drive with no need of installation will definitely make your life more portable.
You, wherever you are, will always be connected. You will never lose your chat history and contacts. Communicate using your favorite portable application. Execute international or local phone calls using VoIP applications like Zoiper and Skype.
This suit is a must-have tool for any frequent traveler, mobile user or anyone that is using more than one workstation. Just download it, install to your portable drive and enjoy the sense of portable communication.


The period of open beta testing is coming to the end. We are grateful to all those who have reported bugs, to those who supported us and contributed to the testing and development of portable applications launcher. You have translated our software to many languages; you helped us to make CodySafe better. Your names will always remain in the Credits

Now, after the product was tested, improved and tested again, we can say that we have completed the first step of development. The CodySafe was awarded the status of Release Candidate. We are glad to announce that from now on the word “Beta” will not follow the name of the product.  CodySafe, the best portable applications launcher, was granted version number 1.0
CodySafe 1.0 is the best menu tool for launching portable applications. It is also a great utility for management of USB flash drives, prevention of viruses’ infection and data loss. Several new features, like hot-keys, sounds, post-run scripts and other will make computer operation safer and handier. CodySafe was downloaded over 1.5 million times. It was noticed by popular online resources and computer magazines when it still was beta. Now it is even better, it is Release Candidate, and it is still freeware. Enjoy the best portable applications launcher and menu tool!

We would like to assure those who were concerned – CodySafe remains free portable applications menu. It was pretty hard to make this decision, especially in the tough time of economic stagnation, when we have to count every cent.  But we will not charge our customers for using our CodySafe menu. It will remain free.
And if you did not download it yet, it is the right time to do so. Get it now.
CodySfe: Pre- and Post-run Scripts implemented!This option was added following multiple requests of advanced users. It provides you with simple yet powerful way to execute commands and applications before launching autorun applications (pre-run script) and/or upon exiting CodySafe. It may be a very useful feature.  
We would like to show here just one simple example of using scripts.
If you want to clean traces of your activity when you finish working on a public PC (Internet café) you will need to run several scripts that remove temporary files, cookies, history, etc. You may write these scripts manually, but we suggest using portable CCleaner, as a simple and convenient way.

If you have portable CCleaner installed on your CodySafe drive in “\PortableApps\CCleaner” folder, all you need to clean up every time you are leaving a public computer, is to schedule CCleaner to run on every CodySafe exit.

To enable this, first run CCleaner, set the desired options and close it. Then open “Scripts” tab of the CodySafe Applications Manager.

CodySafe Applications Manager - Scripts

In Post-run section write the following line in edit box:

 \PortableApps\CCleaner\ccleaner.exe  /auto

Set Script language to “Batch Script” and click “Close” button.

You are done! Now on each exit of the CodySafe the CCleaner will perform all defined tasks and exit. Simple, isn’t it?

For those who do not want to run CCleaner on every exit, but want to be prompted, let’s write another simple script there:

 dim PostRun
PostRun=MsgBox("Do you want to execute post-run script?",vbYesNo,"CodySafe Post-run script")
If PostRun = vbYes Then
Sub Run(ByVal sFile,sParam)
Dim shell
Set shell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
shell.Run Chr(34) & sFile & Chr(34) & sParam, 1, false
Set shell = Nothing
End Sub
Run "\PortableApps\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe", "/auto"
' NO CODE HERE... Skip the script.

End If

Set Script language to “VB Script” and click “Close” button.
Now when you exit CodySafe you will be prompted with following message box:

Post-run script prompt

Click “Yes” if you want to run CCleaner this time or “No” to skip…

We believe that you will find this feature useful. You can share your scripts in the special section of the forum.

Portable “Swiss knives” - do you really need them?

One of us has dropped an idea to make “Swiss knives” – portable applications suites. Yes, we know! There are plenty of suites online. But this guy has convinced us. He said: “I am a system administrator. I need lots of tools always with me. I have made a suite for me and want to share it. I think there are lots of geeks like me that will need this stuff”
This is a very decent motion. But his 16Gb thumb drive looks more like an ultimate compilation of all portable software that he ever could probably need. We do not think that you would like to squeeze all of these Portable apps to the limited space of your USB flash memory. We also do not want to offer a compilation of programs that nobody needs. Therefore, we would like to plead for your judgment.
Please see the first Admin suite here. There is a ballot in the right pane. Do not forget to share your thoughts and vote on the idea of suites in general. Do you think that we shall offer such suites in the future?
If you want us to add some apps to the suite – feel free to add a comment in the bottom of the page. And if you want to help us rating the offered applications, please enter this page and vote there.

We need your opinion! Please do not hesitate to enter this section of the forum and to learn more, to share your feelings and to leave your comments.

中國,歡迎您! Welcome, China! 中国,欢迎您!

After changing of hosting provider and some maintenance, we have discovered China!It is better to say that China has discovered Codyssey! It is a matter of fact that lots of websites cannot be viewed there. Codyssey.com was one of them. For the long time our website was inaccessible for Chinese surfers. Therefore we have done all possible to allow access to our information for this huge and fast growing audience. Now Chinese surfers can browse through our website, learn our software, download it and discuss our development like any other internet user in the open world.
Thanks to Google translate Chinese visitors can also read the content in more or less clear language. Some day we will translate the entire website to Chinese.
Maybe someone of our new visitors wishes to contribute, translating the website content… We will be more than happy to offer clear and correct translation. You are welcome to post your suggestions in the Forum. Actually this question is also relevant to our visitors from other non-English-speaking countries. If you want to translate the website  you are welcome to suggest and to discuss it in the forum. We will accept your help with pleasure.
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