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Sound themes available! We are happy to announce that the CodySafe is now equipped with action sounds. Following the letter from the Charity for Blind and partially sighted, we have started to pay even more attention to the accessibility and usability of the program. New sound notifications together with recently added Hot Keys feature will help visually impaired and disabled users to operate computer programs. We are going to further improve this tool and to offer even more accessibility.
This functionality is also offering much fun for a regular user to operate and customize the CodySafe. A user can make his own sounds scheme for a private use or to share it with the community of CodySafe users. We have also added a Forum section for custom sound schemes. Now every user can post there his sound scheme, exactly like they add translation files. Enjoy!

Hot-Keys feature available

Hot Keys

The usability of CodySafe has always been our top concern. Now, with the Hot-Keys feature it becomes even more user-friendly. It will certainly help those computer users who are visually impaired or disabled to improve their lifestyle by simplifying the use of computers and applications. They can run computer programs using the best portable applications launcher.

Starting version, the CodySafe supports Hot-Keys combinations for launching of portable applications, opening favorite URLs and managing the portable apps Launcher itself. Please feel free to download the latest version of CodySafe here and start enjoying the new feature. If you have CodySafe installed already you can open Control Panel and click on “Check for Updates” link on the left pane.

CodySafe offers a new level of protection of your computer from virus infection. Nowadays most of viruses are transferred from one computer to another through portable drives. ViruSense™ is a new feature that will detect that the Autorun.inf file of your drive was modified and alert you immediately. This will probably not prevent the infection of your CodySafe portable drive. But the ViruSense will inform you early and prevent infection of another computer. 

CodySafe Uninstaller

uninstall_codysafeYes, we know that you love CodySafe. It is the best portable applications launcher according to your feedbacks. But some of you wanted to uninstall it. Actually, we have got multiple questions, like “I have installed CodySafe to the C: drive by mistake. After deletion of CodySafe files the drive name remained “CodySafe Smart Drive". How can I bring the original name back?”
The solution is simple. You just need to delete an Autorun.inf file from the root directory of your drive. Please keep in mind that the file has hidden and system attributes, which makes it invisible in Windows Vista. You may read this tutorial on making hidden files visible.
But we have done a bit more to allow you uninstalling CodySafe with ease. Following your inquiries we have developed the Uninstaller for our .
Those who want to remove portable applications launcher from the USB flash drive can simply download the uninstaller and run it. Enjoy!
The demand for possibility to carry favorite computer programs and to launch them directly from flash drive with no need of installation is very high and is growing constantly. The computer world needs portable apps and applications launcher.
Many of useful applications can operate in portable mode only if several command line parameters are defined.
The process of setting of command line arguments made easy with new feature of CodySafe’s Applications Manager. Now it is even more easy and convenient than a PortableApps routine. See the following example of making Skype portable with new Command-line Options feature.

A well known example of portable applications that require setting of custom command line parameters is Skype. This program can run in a portable mode only if specific string is added to its INI file. When using our Skype Portable Launcher this process is done automatically. But for those who want to manually add Skype to CodySafe menu we offer the following tutorial.

How to add Skype Portable to CodySafe menu

Adding Skype to CodySafe menu made easy.

Download and install Skype to the default folder. There should be three folders available after installation: Phone, Pictures and Wallpaper. Copy Phone\Skype.exe to a folder of your choice on CodySafe drive. Under that folder, create a subfolder called data. Copy Pictures and Wallpaper to the data subfolder.

Open the Applications Manager and select Add Application tab.
Click “Browse” and select the application executable file (Skype.exe).
In Command-line options field write the following string: /datapath:”Data” /removable

Applications Manager - add Skype

Please notice that this string is specific to the Skype portable application. Other applications need their specific command line parameters. Thus for example to run VLC in portable mode the following string is required :
--no-plugins-cache --config=vlcrc
The process of setting of command-line parameters for every other portable application can be found in the application description on the resource you are downloading it from. Now with CodySafe this process becomes simple. Just copy a parameters string and paste it to the Command-line Options field of Applications Manager.

CodySafe Beta - open release

Dear surfers!

After a period of closed beta testing, we are happy to announce the open release of CodySafeBeta - the free portable applications launher.

You are welcome to download CodySafe and to enjoy the experience of handy portability. Turn your USB flash drive to a computer-on-stick. Add, manage and launch your portable applications with ease and comfort. Keep your flash drive healthy with the Drive Doctor. These and many other features are available now in CodySafeBeta.
We highly appreciate the contribution of those who took part in the close stage of testing. They helped us a lot and we are grateful to all of them. We made CodySafe better, safer and more stylish. It proved to be the best porable applications launcher and menu tool and we will continue doing it even better  with your help.

Freeraser updates

Bugs killed We have received many interesting suggestions from you. You, our users and contributors suggested many interesting features.  We will probably add these features to the later versions of Freeraser. There were also some bugs found and reported. We highly appreciate your contribution. We have fixed all bugs that were found up to date. The latest version of Freeraser, containing more languages is available now. You are welcome to download it.
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