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skype_logoThe need of portable version of Skype is discussed for years. It is available for BlackBerry and Windows Mobile powered smartphones, for Apple computers... But the ability to use this powerfull communication application from a regular USB flash drive in a convenient and user-friendly way is still not available.

You are welcome to download our Skype Portable Launcher - small utility that allows launching of Skype from any removable drive and use your Skype application, profile and settings on any computer.

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CodySafeBeta is available

Dear all,
The first Beta release of CodySafe portable applications launcher is available. This is a close beta testing. Only registered users can download it.
We need this closed testing in order to make our portable aps launcher as good as possible. We need your help. Please try this menu tool and let us know if you find it user-friendly and convenient enough. Let us know if there are bugs, problems, unclear or missing messages, or whatever you find. Please let us know if there are some missing features and functions, which you think are necessary. Your feedback is highly appreciated.
After a short period of testing and fixes we will make CodySafe portable applications launcher publically available.

CodySafe Beta

Hi there,
We at Codyssey are working hard to deliver you best software and hardware solutions. The first of our products, the Freeraser - free files shredder, has gained wide recognition. It was downloaded more than 100.000 times for less than 3 weeks. We have received lots of users’ responses. They value our product high and we highly appreciate it.

And now it’s time to introduce a more serious product. I would like to announce that we are close to the first release of the Beta version of the CodySafe - the portable applications launcher. We hope that you will love its Vista-like menu for launching and management of portable applications and lots of its useful features for management of portable applications and flash drives.

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Visit our forumDear Codyssey visitors,
Our community-oriented world demands open discussions. Forums and blogs are the most common tools of communication. We, the Codyssey team, shall know what your expectations are, should it be about our portable applications launcher, or free files shredder or any other of our products. And you, our friends, shall have an opportunity to influence the development. 
We are glad to announce the opening of the Forum on the website. Users, partners, contributors and all those who are interested to take a part in the development process, to leave a comment or to share a wishlist are welcome to register there and to start talking to us and to each other right away. Discuss, share, communicate, contribute, and have fun!
The Forum is open for you here

Freeraser in your language

Freeraser in your languageHey there,
As we have promised the Multilanguage support option is ready. The new version supports your language. If not – maybe it is not translated yet. Maybe you are willing to add your translation. It is easy, it is simple, and it is fun!
Just register, go to Forum, and you will see complete instructions and examples of translations.

BizSpark was approved for the Microsoft BizSpark was approved for the Microsoft BizSpark program.

This is a great opportunity to make a good porable applications launcher and menu tool.


Freeraser 100% cleanDear voyagers,
Lately we have received several reports about Trojan or malware found in CodySafe, the portable applications launcher and Freeraser, the free files shredder. We were really surprised because we have tested the software at our lab and many other resources like Softpedia. However, we took it seriously. We have done some investigations and found out that there are some resources other than those that we have supplied our application to. It is possible that our application launcher was alternated and some malware code was ported to it. We will take legal measures against those who are trying to take advantage of the popularity of the Freeraser in their criminal affairs.
Dear customers, please exercise vigilance. Please download Freeraser and its updates only from trusted resources like Softpedia, Cnet, Lifehacker, and those who are mentioned in our home page.
Another less likely but still possible reason for this problem is the compression mode of the installer.  Our installation application was compiled using ZLIB compression method. Some antivirus application may identify parts of its code as a malware. To avoid these false virus identifications we have changed the compression method to LZMA. Those who are interested can find test reports here: Freeraser Portable, Freeraser Setup
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