Apps Depot weekly update

This week additions to Apps Depot included several useful portable applications that are useful mostly to those of you who deal with graphics and design.

CodySafe Apps Depot was recently extended with new portable apps. We have noticed that the games section has gained the tremendous interest. It is quite clear that employees enjoy playing portable games rather than installing them to the workstation at work. It is obvious. Portable games keep scores and scenes on a flash drive, allowing user to continue playing at home from the same point. From the other side, in emergency (when the boss is coming close) user can always kill the running application and clear all history and traces with one “emergency” action. You can always click on CodySafe’s “Exit” or “Eject” button or even unplug the drive (though we do not recommend doing it) and all the games running from the drive will disappear along with all the chats of the instant messenger, web pages with browsers and all other applications running from the portable drive will disappear leaving no trace on the workstation. When at work you keep working… or at least pretend working.

So, since portable games are of the highest interest we have added some games to the Apps Depot, the essential feature of CodySafe Σ. Those of you who already possess Sigma may enjoy the feature right away.

Themes gallery started

We have started a gallery for CodySafe Themes. We should have done it before, we know. And we regret we did not.

But now you are welcome to visit the new gallery, and to download any theme you like there.. You are welcome to offer your Theme in the CodySafe forum. Most popular will be added to the gallery for download. We believe that the CodySafe community can estimate the true value of the work that you share.

We would like also to encourage artists, designers and every computer user to create a theme and to share it. We will provide a scene for your performance. You will be able to set the price and to charge money for your masterpieces. We are open to discuss this opportunity with all interested. Please feel free to drop us a line in the Contact Form.

Visit the gallery, download CodySafe theme

The great new feature

We have recently added the great new feature that raises CodySafe platform to another unbounded level. The feature allows instant access to the online collection of portable applications, download and installation of desired application with virtually one-click.

Hundreds of portable applications are constantly available for instant access, which means that user does not even need to install them all. User may keep the extra space on the USB stick for important files and documents. But when it turns out to be necessary it is a matter of few seconds to find application, to download and to install it on the USB flash drive.

Currently this feature is presented as the integral part of the CodySafe Sigma. It will be later added to other extensions of CodySafe.

CodySafe New Website

Dear Friends!

We are happy to announce that on April 28, 2010 we have launched another website, The website is dedicated to CodySafe brand products - both existing and coming.

You are welcome to browse through the website and to learn about the product line. Feel free to get existing products  and to read about products that we are currently working on.

Your comments and recommendations are highly appreciated.

We would like to offer products presented at the website for professional review. Bloggers and journalists of computer magazines and web resources are welcome to contact us for more details.

Another new version

The new version of CodySafe was released yesterday. We wanted to make a big News article devoted to this specific version 1.0.0135, but there is actually not much to write about. This version incorporates lots of very useful features and includes some significant changes in the program code. But the end-user will hardly notice them. Well, maybe just the link to the portable applications depot in the bottom of the main menu. It is much easier to get portable apps installed to your drive now. All rest changes are in the background.

We foresee some howl from the audience: “Boooo! Where is the promised password protection?! Where are nested folders and run as administrator features? Where is the encryption that we are expecting too long…”

We have to admit, that you are right. It took us longer than expected. But wait! Just a bit more! We are going to launch the next version with great features very soon… even sooner than you can imagine.

Anyway, before you hear about the next major update, we suggest using current version of CodySafe, which is obviously the best one.

The next one is coming! Stay tuned!

A new version is available

Those of you who run CodySafe portable applications launcher under Windows 7 or Windows Vista will barely notice any difference. But those who are still using Windows XP certainly will. And we are sure that they will enjoy this new version of one of the most popular portable apps launchers.
Recently we have got some reports about GUI problems from users running CodySafe under XP. We have re-designed several controls of the launcher and now we are glad to inform you that problems are solved. No more blinking screens, no more unseen icons. We have applied serious changes to ensure almost same great experience of operating CodySafe under Windows XP as in Windows 7. You are welcome to download latest version and to enjoy using CodySafe on virtually any computer.
We would like to remind you that there are many ways to customize GUI and to change dull black skin and colors of the portable applications launcher to favorite color scheme even if you are running CodySafe under Windows XP.
All you need to do is to open Control Panel -> Themes and to select background image and/or colors. By the way, we have changed the default color scheme in the latest version to make it more Vista-like.
Just in case you find another problem please do not hesitate to report a bug. Your feedbacks help us making our CoySafe portable apps menu better. And special thanks to all of you who have reported bugs in the past.
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