Happy 4th of July

Dear friends,

May all that America stands for
touch your heart in a special way
this 4th of July... with Codyssey.


Apps Depot Weekly update #3

This week Apps Depot acquired and updated some portable utilities. We do not cover all of new apps that were added these days. The weekly bulletin only informs on some of them. You can browse through hundreds of portable applications and get instant access to them with Apps Depot, which is available with CodySafe Sigma, CodySafe Protect, or CodySafe Solid Crypto.

Themes gallery started

We have started a gallery for CodySafe Themes. We should have done it before, we know. And we regret we did not.

But now you are welcome to visit the new gallery, and to download any theme you like there.. You are welcome to offer your Theme in the CodySafe forum. Most popular will be added to the gallery for download. We believe that the CodySafe community can estimate the true value of the work that you share.

We would like also to encourage artists, designers and every computer user to create a theme and to share it. We will provide a scene for your performance. You will be able to set the price and to charge money for your masterpieces. We are open to discuss this opportunity with all interested. Please feel free to drop us a line in the Contact Form.

Visit the gallery, download CodySafe theme

Freeraser updates

Bugs killed We have received many interesting suggestions from you. You, our users and contributors suggested many interesting features.  We will probably add these features to the later versions of Freeraser. There were also some bugs found and reported. We highly appreciate your contribution. We have fixed all bugs that were found up to date. The latest version of Freeraser, containing more languages is available now. You are welcome to download it.


Visit our forumDear Codyssey visitors,
Our community-oriented world demands open discussions. Forums and blogs are the most common tools of communication. We, the Codyssey team, shall know what your expectations are, should it be about our portable applications launcher, or free files shredder or any other of our products. And you, our friends, shall have an opportunity to influence the development. 
We are glad to announce the opening of the Forum on the Codyssey.com website. Users, partners, contributors and all those who are interested to take a part in the development process, to leave a comment or to share a wishlist are welcome to register there and to start talking to us and to each other right away. Discuss, share, communicate, contribute, and have fun!
The Forum is open for you here

Freeraser in your language

Freeraser in your languageHey there,
As we have promised the Multilanguage support option is ready. The new version supports your language. If not – maybe it is not translated yet. Maybe you are willing to add your translation. It is easy, it is simple, and it is fun!
Just register, go to Forum, and you will see complete instructions and examples of translations.


Codyssey.com was approved for the Microsoft BizSpark program...Codyssey.com was approved for the Microsoft BizSpark program.

This is a great opportunity to make a good porable applications launcher and menu tool.

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