Apps Depot weekly update #4

We did not issue the weekly update last Friday. It does not mean that there were no updates. On the contrary! See for yourself! Lots of apps were added, some were updated.

CodySafe Protect Beta

We launch CodySafe Protect Beta today. It was worth waiting till the date, because Beta means free and CodySafe means great...

CodySafe Protect is the software tool that prevents unauthorized access to your files by setting password protection to your flash drive and dividing it to several partitions. Your files on the protected partition will be available only after you provide correct password.

This partitioning process involves significant changes to the structure of the memory. It is worth mentioning that the industry of portable drives is very large and continues intensively growing. There are many vendors and manufacturers of USB flash drives. And therefore, there is a chance that the drive that is currently in your hands cannot be upgraded to the protected one. Never mind.We will offer you anothersolution soon.  Codyssey continues development. Meanwhile – the free Beta release is open.

Those who were interested to set password on their flash drives, those who wanted to protect their files at home or at work and those who is willing to prevent access to their sensitive information, all of you are welcome to download and to install CodySafe Protect Beta.

More to Apps Depot

This week was pretty fruitful. Here are more programs added to the Apps Depot:

CintaNotes - a lightweight and user-friendly PIM (personal information manager). CintaNotes can become an assistant in the daily task of organizing information, registering your own thoughts and ideas, for the history, quotes from famous people other than you, research data, curious facts, Wikipedia entries, you name it. PIMs can be found in the Apps Depot under Office - > Other Category.

Apps Depot weekly update

This week additions to Apps Depot included several useful portable applications that are useful mostly to those of you who deal with graphics and design.

CodySafe Apps Depot was recently extended with new portable apps. We have noticed that the games section has gained the tremendous interest. It is quite clear that employees enjoy playing portable games rather than installing them to the workstation at work. It is obvious. Portable games keep scores and scenes on a flash drive, allowing user to continue playing at home from the same point. From the other side, in emergency (when the boss is coming close) user can always kill the running application and clear all history and traces with one “emergency” action. You can always click on CodySafe’s “Exit” or “Eject” button or even unplug the drive (though we do not recommend doing it) and all the games running from the drive will disappear along with all the chats of the instant messenger, web pages with browsers and all other applications running from the portable drive will disappear leaving no trace on the workstation. When at work you keep working… or at least pretend working.

So, since portable games are of the highest interest we have added some games to the Apps Depot, the essential feature of CodySafe Σ. Those of you who already possess Sigma may enjoy the feature right away.

The great new feature

We have recently added the great new feature that raises CodySafe platform to another unbounded level. The feature allows instant access to the online collection of portable applications, download and installation of desired application with virtually one-click.

Hundreds of portable applications are constantly available for instant access, which means that user does not even need to install them all. User may keep the extra space on the USB stick for important files and documents. But when it turns out to be necessary it is a matter of few seconds to find application, to download and to install it on the USB flash drive.

Currently this feature is presented as the integral part of the CodySafe Sigma. It will be later added to other extensions of CodySafe.

Another new version

The new version of CodySafe was released yesterday. We wanted to make a big News article devoted to this specific version 1.0.0135, but there is actually not much to write about. This version incorporates lots of very useful features and includes some significant changes in the program code. But the end-user will hardly notice them. Well, maybe just the link to the portable applications depot in the bottom of the main menu. It is much easier to get portable apps installed to your drive now. All rest changes are in the background.

We foresee some howl from the audience: “Boooo! Where is the promised password protection?! Where are nested folders and run as administrator features? Where is the encryption that we are expecting too long…”

We have to admit, that you are right. It took us longer than expected. But wait! Just a bit more! We are going to launch the next version with great features very soon… even sooner than you can imagine.

Anyway, before you hear about the next major update, we suggest using current version of CodySafe, which is obviously the best one.

The next one is coming! Stay tuned!

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