New version released!

We can see your amazed faces and clearly read your questions: Why did we decide to post a news article on that minor change of known portable apps menu. Not only to tweet but also to devote an article? What makes this version so important?
Yes, it is just another version of the same CodySafe, the best portable applications launcher. But it makes another important step in the development and incorporates some new and really important features.
First of all it is the first version that automatically checks for updates. Many of our customers have asked for it. When your version becomes outdated, CodySafe will prompt you for updates. You may skip it or install it. We believe that the update reminder will not be annoying and you will always enjoy the latest version of CodySafe portable applications menu.
The process of the version check will run in the background.  Some paranoiac firewall or antivirus can start shouting and alarming you that CodySafe wants to access the internet. Just allow this access, it is necessary for the correct operation of the best porable applications launcher.
Another new feature that was also required by our customers and we hope will be useful to all of you. It is the ability to drag CodySafe applications menu work pane to any place on the screen. It was stacked to the lower right corner before. Now you can place it anywhere you like and launch portable apps from any point of your desktop. Handy, isn't it?
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