Another new version

The new version of CodySafe was released yesterday. We wanted to make a big News article devoted to this specific version 1.0.0135, but there is actually not much to write about. This version incorporates lots of very useful features and includes some significant changes in the program code. But the end-user will hardly notice them. Well, maybe just the link to the portable applications depot in the bottom of the main menu. It is much easier to get portable apps installed to your drive now. All rest changes are in the background.

We foresee some howl from the audience: “Boooo! Where is the promised password protection?! Where are nested folders and run as administrator features? Where is the encryption that we are expecting too long…”

We have to admit, that you are right. It took us longer than expected. But wait! Just a bit more! We are going to launch the next version with great features very soon… even sooner than you can imagine.

Anyway, before you hear about the next major update, we suggest using current version of CodySafe, which is obviously the best one.

The next one is coming! Stay tuned!

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