CodySafe Protect Beta

We launch CodySafe Protect Beta today. It was worth waiting till the date, because Beta means free and CodySafe means great...

CodySafe Protect is the software tool that prevents unauthorized access to your files by setting password protection to your flash drive and dividing it to several partitions. Your files on the protected partition will be available only after you provide correct password.

This partitioning process involves significant changes to the structure of the memory. It is worth mentioning that the industry of portable drives is very large and continues intensively growing. There are many vendors and manufacturers of USB flash drives. And therefore, there is a chance that the drive that is currently in your hands cannot be upgraded to the protected one. Never mind.We will offer you anothersolution soon.  Codyssey continues development. Meanwhile – the free Beta release is open.

Those who were interested to set password on their flash drives, those who wanted to protect their files at home or at work and those who is willing to prevent access to their sensitive information, all of you are welcome to download and to install CodySafe Protect Beta.

Just few warnings before you start:

  1. CodySafe Protect is hardware-specific application. There are some flash drives that cannot be protected with this software. We are doing our best to support more drives.
  2. Before you will be able to set a password your drive will be repartitioned and reformatted. Please make a copy of all information stored on the flash drive before you launch the wizard.
  3. Just in case you did not like application or in case it does not work as required please do the following:
    • Download and run Uninstaller
    • Send an e-mail to our support department describing the problem
  4. Codyssey in no way will be responsible for any damage or loss of information caused by the neglect use of its products,
  5. Codyssey is eligible to discontinue Beta testing at any moment without prior notification

And now, after you have read all warnings and you are anxious enough, we would like to welcome you to test the CodySafe Protect Beta.

Download CodySafe Protect Beta now.

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