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dropbox_logoDear friends,

Some of you could notice that instead of normal content of our website the frustrating note “Account suspended!” appeared. Yes, the hosting provider decided that our portable apps launcher is too popular and the website attracts too many users. They also assumed that portable applications consume too much traffic. Therefore they refused to continue services. It is quite reasonable that promised “unlimited” traffic appears to be slightly limited when one really needs to satisfy the demand for portable applications and portable apps launcher. That could be annoying, but from the second view it strictly demonstrates how popular our website is. When a bootstrapping start-up is selecting a hosting for its website the price is one of most defining selective criterions. Low-cost hosting turns a glitch when popularity of your resource grows.

We were forced to look for solution to store portable applications that will not overflow the traffic capabilities of the hosting and from the other side will not cause delay. Thanks to the Dropbox we are able to continue operating without spending a fortune for the hosting. Dropbox provides 2Gb of free space, direct links, downloads resuming and a lot of other features and advantages. We beleive it is quite enough to keep all our portable applications and suites and to store all versions of CodySafe portable apps launcher.

From now on, all the resources-consuming primary downloads will run through the Dropbox. We hope that you will feel no difference and no inconvenience, delay or failure. Our tests demonstrated that the download runs even faster than it was before.

We have transferred all download files and checked the links. But there is always a space for errors when you move such a big volume of data in such a short time. We will be grateful if you try to download our portable applications suite or portable applications menu and  report broken links or failures that you stumble upon while browsing through our website.

Thank you in advance and sorry for inconvenience.

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