The period of open beta testing is coming to the end. We are grateful to all those who have reported bugs, to those who supported us and contributed to the testing and development of portable applications launcher. You have translated our software to many languages; you helped us to make CodySafe better. Your names will always remain in the Credits

Now, after the product was tested, improved and tested again, we can say that we have completed the first step of development. The CodySafe was awarded the status of Release Candidate. We are glad to announce that from now on the word “Beta” will not follow the name of the product.  CodySafe, the best portable applications launcher, was granted version number 1.0
CodySafe 1.0 is the best menu tool for launching portable applications. It is also a great utility for management of USB flash drives, prevention of viruses’ infection and data loss. Several new features, like hot-keys, sounds, post-run scripts and other will make computer operation safer and handier. CodySafe was downloaded over 1.5 million times. It was noticed by popular online resources and computer magazines when it still was beta. Now it is even better, it is Release Candidate, and it is still freeware. Enjoy the best portable applications launcher and menu tool!

We would like to assure those who were concerned – CodySafe remains free portable applications menu. It was pretty hard to make this decision, especially in the tough time of economic stagnation, when we have to count every cent.  But we will not charge our customers for using our CodySafe menu. It will remain free.
And if you did not download it yet, it is the right time to do so. Get it now.
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