CodySafe Uninstaller

uninstall_codysafeYes, we know that you love CodySafe. It is the best portable applications launcher according to your feedbacks. But some of you wanted to uninstall it. Actually, we have got multiple questions, like “I have installed CodySafe to the C: drive by mistake. After deletion of CodySafe files the drive name remained “CodySafe Smart Drive". How can I bring the original name back?”
The solution is simple. You just need to delete an Autorun.inf file from the root directory of your drive. Please keep in mind that the file has hidden and system attributes, which makes it invisible in Windows Vista. You may read this tutorial on making hidden files visible.
But we have done a bit more to allow you uninstalling CodySafe with ease. Following your inquiries we have developed the Uninstaller for our .
Those who want to remove portable applications launcher from the USB flash drive can simply download the uninstaller and run it. Enjoy!
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