Portable “Swiss knives” - do you really need them?

One of us has dropped an idea to make “Swiss knives” – portable applications suites. Yes, we know! There are plenty of suites online. But this guy has convinced us. He said: “I am a system administrator. I need lots of tools always with me. I have made a suite for me and want to share it. I think there are lots of geeks like me that will need this stuff”
This is a very decent motion. But his 16Gb thumb drive looks more like an ultimate compilation of all portable software that he ever could probably need. We do not think that you would like to squeeze all of these Portable apps to the limited space of your USB flash memory. We also do not want to offer a compilation of programs that nobody needs. Therefore, we would like to plead for your judgment.
Please see the first Admin suite here. There is a ballot in the right pane. Do not forget to share your thoughts and vote on the idea of suites in general. Do you think that we shall offer such suites in the future?
If you want us to add some apps to the suite – feel free to add a comment in the bottom of the page. And if you want to help us rating the offered applications, please enter this page and vote there.

We need your opinion! Please do not hesitate to enter this section of the forum and to learn more, to share your feelings and to leave your comments.

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