CodySafe offers a new level of protection of your computer from virus infection. Nowadays most of viruses are transferred from one computer to another through portable drives. ViruSense™ is a new feature that will detect that the Autorun.inf file of your drive was modified and alert you immediately. This will probably not prevent the infection of your CodySafe portable drive. But the ViruSense will inform you early and prevent infection of another computer. 

Infected ComputersViruses, Trojans, adware and other malware distributed through AutoRun are were reported as a main threat over the last months.
Avast (ALWIL Software a.s.) identifies the Autorun viruses as the most common infection
According to TrendMicro, almost 3,000,000 computers were infected by these viruses only in December 2008.

How the Autorun virus works?
The Autorun.inf is a configuration file that normally contains a reference to the icon, a description of the drive content and also the possibility to define a program which should be executed automatically when the unit is mounted. This feature is used by most of viruses that spread themselves via a portable media. In order to spread itself, a virus first of all modifies the Autorun.inf file, writes its execution commands and settings, and sometimes makes the file invisible and inaccessible.

What can be done?
First of all, and it is obvious that you have to use an antivirus program. One of the smartest things that Microsoft is doing in Windows 7 to protect your computer from viruses is to disable the Autorun feature for portable devices. Users that are operating earlier versions can disable Autorun feature manually, which is recommended by most of security experts.
But wait! Turning the Autorun off is right, but if you think that it is rather useful feature and you got used to it, we can minimize your risk. The Drive Doctor has a solution for you

The ViruSense™!
ViruSense™ is a new security feature of CodySafe that will detect that your Autorun.inf file was modified and will alert you immediately. This will probably not prevent the infection of your CodySafe portable media, though; If you see this alert your drive is likely to be already infected and you’d better immediately close CodySafe and take urgent measures. But ViruSense will inform you early and prevent infection of other computers. In case that you were the one that edited Autorun.inf file or you know for sure that it was not modified by virus you can simply click the “Accept changes and continue” button and use your device for your satisfaction till the next time you see this alert.
We, at Codyssey, strongly believe that this useful feature will prevent wider spread of viruses and will make your portable life much safer.Detect and prevent virus infection! Download CodySafe with Virusense now!

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