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CodySafe - Best Portable Apps Menu

Launch Portable Applications with CodySafe Menu

The best Portable Applications Launcher offers maximum convenience and ease of use.
It will rank your portable apps according to the frequency of usage. The more you launch them, the higher they are in the menu.

ViruSense protects your computer from viruses

Detect and Prevent Virus Infection with ViruSense

ViruSense detects if the Autorun.inf file of your portable drive was modified, which is usually associated with virus infection. ViruSense immediately alerts user and suggests taking urgent measures. This feature may prevent infection of other computers with viruses.

Portable Applications

Download Portable Applications Suites

We offer collections of most useful portable applications for various purposes. Our Admin Swiss Knife offers a compilation of portable apps that a system administrator, a webmaster or computer professional needs. We opened discussion board to hear your suggestions and ballot to select best applications you may ever need.

Drive Doctor for your pen drive

Keep Your Drive Healthy with Drive Doctor

CodySafe’s Drive Doctor will perform scanning of your portable drive for errors. You can schedule periodical scanning or run it right away. This feature will prevent losses of data on your pen drive.

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Codyssey on the way

Codyssey delivers best in the industry portable solutions. The CodySafe line offers collection of best portable apps menu tools allowing you to carry computer applications with you, to launch them directly from the USB stick with ease and leave no “footprint” on the host PC. Its Drive Doctor feature keeps flash memory healthy; its ViruSense technology detects and prevents virus infection, and the Find-if-Lost tool allows storing your contact information to aid in recovery if you lose your USB stick. Along with all these options and tools the next generation - CodySafe Sigma - grants you instant access to hundreds of portable apps, fast search and launch option and nested grouping of apps.
Another line of products, the Freeraser, free data shredder helps removing confidential information and classified files from your computer, enhancing security and privacy of computer operation.

Our goal is to develop products for you and with you. Feel free to take an essential part in this development, discuss them in the Forum, and send us your suggestions and comments. We will consider your recommendations developing future versions and products.

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Portable applications launcher and portable drive management tool. Launch your programs from a portable drive using Vista-like menu, always know the free space of your drive, and keep it healthy with CodySafe

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Free file shredder. Remove digital information without a risk that anyone may recover your secrets. Destroy your files for good, for sure, for free.

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